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VO Improvisation workouts!

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The best improv online for voiceover!
Take your voiceover to the next level and continue progressing with your voiceover skills tool box.  The focus is improvisation in voiceover. You learn about yourself, taking risks, learning new perspectives, hearing how others do the same... everyone grows, everyone learns, everyone stretches...

Who can participate? 
All working VO talent who can use Skype from their home studio.

Is improvisation relevant to VO?
Yes. Many voice actors know that they are in fact, actors, because that's how they started out.  But for VO talent who come from radio or other non-traditional paths, it's perhaps not as obvious how acting is part of the VO job, and how improvisation is part of acting. To comedic celebrities like Tina Fey, Amy Pohler and Jim Carrey, improv has been a critical aspect of acting. With a little bit of research, it's usually easily evident how improvisation is a skill and tool used in VO acting and comedy.
Improv VO creates 'cray cray' fun, refreshing skills and building new ones!

Testimonials from participants:

"Thanks for another great play-time today!"

"Thanks again... Another great session... I feel so relaxed after using my creative juices. Always so much fun!"

"Just finished my weekly play date with an awesome VO improv group! Sooo much fun and really helps to get me unstuck!"

"...after every session, I was wide awake and ready to take on new challenges! I like that feeling!"

"It helped tremendously to hear other people's voices / characters since I'm pretty shy when it comes to character roles"
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