Workout Level COMBO  

Participate by pre-approval or

after 'Training Wheels' class;

$49 /month

Up to 90 mins each workout; Limited to 15 sign-ups per month.

THURSDAYS: Start time 11:30am est / 10:30am cen / 9:30am mtn /8:30am pacific

TUESDAYS: Start time 1pm eastern/ 12n c / 11am m / 10am pacific

Currently on hiatus

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Workout Level ADV+  

Participate by pre-approval or invitation;

$59 /month


Start time: 1pm eastern/ 12n c / 11am m / 10am pacific

Up to 90 mins each workout; Limited to 15 sign-ups per month.

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Workout DROP-IN 

Any Level


Drop in to any currently occurring workout.


ImproVO formers are pre-approved.


Contact us if you have chops and are ready to improv by dropping in.

  • Part-time or full-time VO talent can join.
  • We aim to keep you learning at the edge of your comfort zone. Each workout is designed by pro improvisers, considering the players experience per group. Fun, invigorating, thoughtful.
  • Everyone who attends gets lots of 'time at the mic'. You play and you listen. There's a max of 15 people allowed per group per month.
  • Purchase via monthly subscription, or two-month packs
  • 3 workouts a month are guaranteed, often you get 4
  • Most VO talent miss a week due to bookings, life, etc. Attend as you can. We understand and have an RSVP system set up.
  • Plan for 90 mins each workout.  Workouts with small attendance may be shorter, but always a great workout.

Purchasing should work on mobile devices.  If you need anything clarified, ask us via 'Contact Us' .


Practice Improvisation for VO


Quarterly we offer VO talent a workshop with tightly focused study and practice with specific skills. Here are workshops we've had:

- Improv Into Scripts

- Create Characters

- Who you talkin' to?!

- Yes, And... More

Join our community to get notified of all workshops! Additional workshops will continue to be developed.

Level COMBO is for VO talent at any level of improv, who are trained on the basic rules of improv

Level ADV+ is for VO talent who are advanced experience level

Level Custom is created for you.

Drop In to a workout at your level, if you can't commit more time

Custom Services 

Custom schedule, custom content.

Recurring or One time event. We work with your unique needs.

Custom Services: $100 hour, 1 hr min.

OR Using workout prices below, set up a 4 person group at your time/day of the week. 

Fill out this form with your info, and we'll continue the conversation on email.

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