Improv 101 for VoiceOver

Take your VO to the next level; be more competitive!

Hearing Casting / Agents / Coaches say, 
“Just be you” –or– “conversational, not announcery”  while you read scripted things you never say in real life?

Training Wheels class gives you tools to help release “you” sounding “conversational, non-announcery” !

Participants say:

"That was time sooo well spent today. You create a very safe environment to stretch and then drop and roll! Loved it!"

"ImprovVO is one of the best things I could have done for my VO career, my performances have gotten better and better thanks to improv letting me let go."

“I had a great time and learned a ton in class! Thank you!”

"ImproVO increases your ability to be creative in the moment, making you more skilled"

"It was SOO FUN! Better than I could have ever imagined."

"I’m so thrilled that I’ve started improv. I can now see how improv can strengthen vo but also lend itself to many situations in life. I am now determined to stick with it and reach my goal of building my confidence and having it come naturally to me. Hooray! Hooray!"

Class Requirements

  • Participate from Home VO studio via Skype 
  • VO experience (PT at least a year, or FT)
  • ImprovVO survey (provided after registering)
  • Ready for fun and creative exploration!

Beneficial but not required:

  • Skype with video!
  • Wired (not wireless) Skype connection

Registration Fee $249 USD via paypal.  Click for cancellation policy.

Click here, REGISTER NOW!

From Rebecca Haugh, Founder:

This Level One "training wheels" class will provide you with the foundation knowledge and basics to use improvisation. I will share with you the most important fundamentals I have learned about using improv in voiceover. I explain the basic concepts about how improv is a skill worth having in your VO toolbox. I’ve spent the past 10 years in VO, studying acting, improv, and performing, and earning a living doing what I love. Save time and cut the struggle of finding this info – use my knowledge and experience as a short cut for your own career.

Imagine being more aware, more able and more YOU… More competitive! Imagine feeling confident and excited to perform, unafraid of whatever new curveball or goofy direction you get – embracing it all with poise and creativity! How cool would that be?

I believe each of us can do this,

but you need to learn improv basics to get started.

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Feb 2018 & May 2018, dates to be announced.

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Class held over 2 Saturdays, Sept 23 & 30.
2 hours each day
Starts 9:30am pac or 12:30pm east
Only $249

Please note – This class is for VO talent who work part-time or full-time in voiceover and want to get more competitive by adding improv to their skills. This class is NOT for folks trying to figure out how to start a career in voiceover, and it is NOT for people brand new to voiceover work.

In this 3 hour skype class (in two sessions) you will:
  • Learn improv fundamentals: 'Yes And' basics & philosophy
  • Learn significant ways improv supports VO auditions and gigs
  • Understand improv versus comedy & drama & acting
  • Practice building blocks for scenes & character relationships
  • Realize improv is a muscle you can develop, maintain & strengthen
  • Increase your ​spontaneity, collaboration & ​listening skills
  • Enjoy VERY interactive group activity and discussion in a fun, stimulating environment with VO peers in a private group (8 max)
  • Practice trusting, opening up, reducing fear, refraining from judging, putting ego aside to build ideas cooperatively
  • Establish competency to join our weekly group workouts
  • Leave with new confidence to use improv in your VO