LoveThatImprovVO provides online, audio-only, improvisation activities for VO actors.  We flex our imagination, spontaneity, character choices and acting muscles - in the same space we work in, our home studio.  Our main emphasis is to create a community of talent enjoying a variety of improvisation from their home studio, supported by pros in the field.

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Hi there!  I'm Rebecca Haugh, also known as LoveThatRebecca.  

I founded LoveThatImproVO in July 2013 because I personally wanted this

kind of online workout service and couldn't find it offered by anyone. 

For me, VO Improv is many things - sparking creativity, making the neurons and synapses to fire in my brain differently, feeling and embracing the risk, getting thrilled by the wild abandon and scaling to new heights!  Sometimes that includes overcoming barriers, making discoveries about my acting. It certainly includes always putting it all back into the beautiful work created with voice.  

Not surprisingly, creating this service shows this is a need of other VO talent. Now we're creating a niche community that I'm honored to be a part of, and look forward to evolving with. I'm very inspired by everyone I've been able to meet doing improv.


LoveThatImprovVO is for full or part-time VO talent who participate via their internet wired home studio. Join us from your home studio on purpose - to feel that great vibe and spontaneity in your VO working space! Alternate spaces to a VO home studio must provide good audio sound with a solid internet connection and no ambient sound interruptions, and are accepted only with advance review. VO improv is not for people looking to be guided about starting a VO career. Improv VO has been providing workouts since 2013. 

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