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Workout Level ADV+  

A vigorous workout for those with advanced and higher levels of improv experience,

pushing you to expand.

Jump in here based on your personal background - or - Graduate from our COMBO group. 

All advanced+ workouts include these basics.

$98 per month, 3 workouts guaranteed monthly

MONDAYS Starting at 1pm est / 12n cen / 11am mtn / 10am pac

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  • We accept part-time or full-time VO talent
  • We aim to push the edge of your comfort zone.  Fun, invigorating, thoughtful.
  • Each workout is designed by pro improvisers, considering the players experience.
  • Everyone gets 'time at the mic' with a max of 15 people. 
  • 60-90 mins each workout, depending on quantity of participants.  
  • Purchase a monthly subscription, single drop-in, or get a custom group going.
  • Weekly workouts have 3 workouts monthly guaranteed. Calendar month only, no roll-overs.You aren't required to attend all 3, due to bookings, life, etc. We understand.

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   ADV+ is weekly for advanced+ improv experience


Custom is customized for you


Drop-in is one workout you join of the existing available

Custom Workouts 

 Custom Services, 2 options:

$100 hour, 1 hr minimum.  Custom schedule. Custom content. Recurring or One time event. Based on your unique needs.


Together we set a time/day of the week with your 4 person group. We meet up to 3 times / month for $98 per person per month, and including all of the basics listed above

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Workout Basics:

Practice Improv for your Voiceover 

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Enjoy one ImproVO workout at a time!  Choose your level from the drop-down menu.

We welcome VO talent at any level of improv who are trained on the basic rules of improv.

Using the drop-down menu, select either Combo, Adv or After Dark based on descriptions below.

Contact us to make sure we have space for you to join.

$68 per drop-in

1 Improv skills and drills
2 Improv storytelling / character work
3 Improv into VO scripts

Workouts provide targeted improv practice for voice actors:

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