About Rebecca

Rebecca founded 'Love That Improv VO' in July 2013 because she personally wanted this kind of service and no one was offering it online.

Rebecca's been a professional actress since 2001, with solid acting experience and training - both of which include improv.

Rebecca says, "Using improvisation to make that script more organic and real is a tremendous skill! Marc is a great facilitator to blend both improv and script break-down technique."

DURATION: 2.5 hours 

Everyone gets audio and video recordings after the event.

TWO ways to join:

$89 to work with Marc & Rebecca

The first SIX *qualified* VO talent, see below.

$25 to Listen&Learn

*Qualified* participants have:
  • Min. 1 yr auditioning as VO talent
  • Basic improv training: Training Wheels graduate, or Group Workouts. Equivalent experience? Sure, just explain it for us here.
  • Join directly from your VO recording studio (see below)

Attending the workshop? We use ZOOM. Click to watch a Zoom video for more explanation.

Listening in? You can join from any location.

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This workshop is not for people trying to figure out how to start a career in voiceover, and it is not for people brand new to voiceover work.

About Marc Cashman

President and Creative Director of Cashman Commercials, Marc creates, casts and produces music and copy advertising for radio and TV, winning hundreds of awards for ad agencies and advertisers, including Kroger, Charles Schwab, Quizno's, Pella Windows and Pabst Blue Ribbon, among many, many others.

Voted one of the “Best Voices of the Year” by AudioFile Magazine—three times—Marc is a veteran voice actor in Radio and TV commercials, animated series and videogames, e-Learning narration and over 100 audiobooks. He’s currently represented by Idiom Worldwide in Los Angeles, plus other regional talent agencies around the country.

In addition to authoring a top-selling book on voiceover, “V-Oh! Tips, Tricks, Tools and Techniques to Start and Sustain Your Voiceover Career,” Marc is also an adjunct professor of voice acting at California Institute of the Arts and instructs voice-acting of all levels—in-studio and online—in his classes, The Cashman Cache of Voice-Acting Techniques in Los Angeles, CA. He coaches voice actors across the globe. He can be reached atwww.cashmancommercials.com. 

"IMPROV into VO Scripts"


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Improvise into Scripts!

...Use your imagination and the script to create your natural read, with confidence.

Experienced voice actors know improvising into scripts is a critical acting skill. Pro VO talents do this all the time. Improvising unwritten circumstances creates natural, confident and flexible acting choices.

Get better at this & book more jobs, win a job over someone lesser skilled, make yourself memorable to agents, casting, directors and clients.

  • Receive current, custom scripts curated for you
  • Frame the script, then improvise into it with a 'real you' organic point of view
  • Perform your script with supportive feedback and direction from Mr. Marc Cashman


...Improvisation supports and can be easier than other script break-down techniques. 

...Apply these skills immediately after the workshop at your next VO audition or gig.

Testimonials from previous workshop participants about their fav part of the workshop:

- Watching others being coached, applying improv to the copy, Marc's direction, Rebecca direction. Very upbeat, positive and fun. Learned a lot

- Getting Marc's insight and expertise across all participants of the class. To work with him was amazing, but observing him work with everyone else also was very beneficial. I loved this workshop.

- Mark has some specific tips that I had forgotten about that are so helpful that are a part of his checklist for what to consider when you approach a script. It was great to get a refresher on those.

- The environmental prep with the copy, then bringing that to the reads. Also listening to others (everyone's experience is unique, so all advice or feedback is new information).

MARC CASHMAN is one of the few voice-acting instructors in the U.S. on “both sides of the glass” — as an award winning Radio and TV commercial producer, as well as a working  voice actor and author.

Taught by
Producer, Director, Teacher, Author
Marc Cashman

& VO Actress Rebecca Haugh

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