Get over being stumped with this workshop:

Yes, And... More!!

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Taught by professional improvisor Mike Spara

and hosted by Rebecca Haugh... bios below...

Bring your rockin' self...

Feel COOL when you flex and strengthen your improv "core" of Yes, And. Rock your imagination - letting it fly - making brilliant, logical choices.

Boost your competitive ability at what casting dirs, agents and coaches always say is important when approaching a script and working a gig: Make a strong choice -- And be flexible to change it.

Go deep into it during the workshop:

• Laser focus on 3 key skills to deepen your improvisation:

"Yes" = Listening - Pay attention to understand every detail,

"And" = Heightening - Build with interesting & logical choices,

"More" = Options/Flexibility - Have options that give you multiple interesting takes

• Focus on each skill, practicing multiple sets

• Put them all together in scenes

• Discuss real VO world applications among the group

About Rebecca

I founded 'Love That Improv VO' in July 2013 because I personally wanted this kind of service and no one was offering it online.

I have been a professional actress since 2001. I have solid acting experience and training - both of which include improv.

For me, VO Improv is many things - sparking that creativity and getting those neurons and synapses to fire in my brain differently, embracing the risk, getting thrilled by the wild abandon and scaling to new heights... sometimes that includes overcoming barriers... and putting it all back into the beautiful work we can create with our voice!

Cool off with us in hot August!Click here to register; $50 USD via paypal

Monday Aug 24th, 2 hours

Starts at:

1pm pac / 2pm mtn / 3pm cnt / 4 pm east

Limited to 12 participants

Click here for cancellation policy.


  • Home VO studio connected to Skype
  • VO experience (PT or FT)
  • Completed “Training Wheels” Class or equivalent
  • Complete VOimprov questionnaire after registration
  • free Skype account
  • Ready for fun and creative exploration!

Not required but preferred: Ethernet internet (not wireless) Skype connection.

Why take "Yes, And... More"?

Everyone wants you, the voice actor, to make strong acting choices, and sometimes with no prep, right? Clients or casting want you to make the character your own, bring strong personal choices, and be flexible to change them fast, on the fly, with confidence in the 'hot' seat.  This workshop explores this smartly through practicing the "core" skill in improv: "Yes, And".  

In an improv context, 'yes and' is traditionally with scene partners, especially since that's the foundation of improv.  The same tenants apply to script work in voiceover.  We put everything in context, walking you through 3 key skills to help you be more agile at making strong and fast choices.  You'll get targeted practice, and then put it all together in scenes. As always, we provide supportive feedback while you practice.  We're giving you tools to be agile at making strong and fast choices better than before the workshop.

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"Yes, And... More!" is an elective workshop available to anyone who can meet the minimum requirements. New players are encouraged to consider joining weekly improv workouts, to support your improv in VO.

Weekly workouts are like “gym” improv sessions for VO, and are also audio-only via Skype in a small group.

Click here to learn more about weekly workouts.

Note – This workshop is not about breaking down a script or script specs.  This workshop is for VO talent who work part-time or full-time in voiceover and want to get more competitive by using improv with their VO skills. This workshop is NOT for folks trying to figure out how to start a career in voiceover, and it is NOT for people brand new to voiceover work.

About Mike

Mike Spara is an actor, comedian and writer. He is a founding member of TNM (The New Movement) NOLA, where he is also a faculty member for the improvisation, sketch, and AP Comedy conservatories. He has received training from UCB, Second City, iO, Annoyance, and Under the Gun Theater, among others. He performs comedy around the country, including SF Sketch Fest, Moontower Comedy & Oddity Fest, Chicago SketchFest for five years running, and Hell Yes Fest. He performs sketch and improvisation with a variety of groups in New Orleans, including Stupid Time Machine, where he also produces and performs his wordless sketch comedy show Conversations with Body Language.